welcome to the new look checkonsite! We have been working hard on improving the look and use of the site. Here are a couple of new features that you might be interested in:
  • check out - we have added to each building recommended something of note that we think you should check out on site!
  • checkonsite is now on FACEBOOK - be sure to like us (on the right) to get updates on what's going on at checkonsite..
  • quick links to apple maps: we have created new quick link for your apple iphone. Designed specifically for the iphone user on the move, the links will show you where your desired location is with one easy move. HOW? well.... click on the "open co-ordinates in apple maps" from the desired webpage, and it will pin the location on your iphone map! EASY!
  • quick links to google maps: the new quick link works much like the above by displaying the desired location on google maps for those apple iphone users who still prefer to use google maps. This was designed specifically for the iphone user on the move, click on the "open co-ordinates in google maps" from the desired webpage, and it will pin the location on google maps on a new page (if you have the google maps app and have set the defaults, it will automatically open the app on your iphone!
  • a search function at the top of the page
  • contributed images can be directly linked to your flickr page! - and a big thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.
about checkonsite.com (cos) what is checkonsite.com? checkonsite.com was created to service those of us passionate about architecture and travel. This online reference identifies and locates the sites ( focused mainly on architecture and interior design) worth checking out throughout the world. This service is provided to you for free! But due to high demand you might sometimes find this site slow or unavailable.  We are currently looking at ways to get funds or sponsorship to keep this service free. - if you have any suggestions or would like to contribute please feel free to contact us! Tip: How often have you returned from a trip away and missed a really great architectural site just around the corner from where you were? Once you have identified which buildings you would like to see, you can check on the nearby buildings in the maps function to make sure you don't miss any of the action! how it works: for each building or site, checkonsite aims to supply the following information :
  • google map location
  • apple map location
  • ratings - a 5 star voting system for each building - vote for your favorite building now!
  • street address
  • designer or architect name
  • images
  • completed year
  • function
  • links
  • travel tips on how to get there / admission etc
  • opening hours / hours of admission
  • why we think you should check the site out
  • architectural drawings /sketches
If you are interested in architecture or enjoyed using this resource why not  contribute to this site through
  • locating buildings or sites worth checking out using google maps - click on Add Site tab above
  • suggest your favorite site/building - click on Add Site tab above
  • add more images/pictures for a specific building (you will be credited for your contribution)
  • say what you think of a building by adding comments - fill out the comments form found at the bottom of each building page
  • rate and view ratings of any building or site - just click on the total number of stars you want to give a particular building
If you are interested in contributing please feel free to any or all of the methods above, or through the contact us. page.
Definitions bom - building of the month. Each month checkonsite recommends one noteworthy building. cos - an architectural anagram which implies exactly what it is to 'check on site' (ie. an instruction to visit the building site and to check or confirm something , usually a dimension). faq - frequently asked questions

checkonsite goals

this site is still currently in development, so there are still things to be ironed out. Below is a list of items that we are hoping to resolve. Any suggestions or bug fixes would be greatly appreciated.

  • adding Architour itineraries to the site.
  • any feedback on how this site can be improved / how you would like to get involved would be welcomed.
  • profiles about contributors
  • newsletters: recent sites or building of the month
  • printer friendly pages