Kystvejen 24


coordinates: 55.7632561,12.5994406
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Building names(s): Texaco Gas station
Architect/Designer: Arne Jacobsen
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Christian Lylloff

Completion date: 1936

function(s): petrol station

Located on the main road following the coast between Copenhagen and Bellevue, this petrol station dates from 1936 and was designed by Arne Jacobsen. The petrol station itself is a concrete box, clad with Meissen ceramic tiles. The service area is what makes this structure stand out: it is covered by an oval concrete shell, supported by a single column. This design was originally intended as a prototype for Texaco. To save the structure from falling apart, it has been subject to extensive restoration, most notably in 2003 by Dissing + Weitling Architects in cooperation with the Gentofte Municipality. The original ceramic tiles and the concrete canopy have been replaced, after meticulous research and cooperation between the heritage and municipal authorities.