Charles de Gaulle airport


coordinates: 49.0142288,2.5414467
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Building names(s): Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1
Architect/Designer: Paul Andreu
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Completion date: 1974

completion date: 1974

function(s): airport, transport

Surface area (NET):
Central body 126,400m²
Satellites 52,200m²
Overall capacity:
11 million passengers after renovation (2009), i.e.
2,750 departing passengers / hour and 2,000 arriving
passengers / hour
10 million passengers in the original confi guration (1974)
7.5 million passengers during the works (2004-2008)

– round main body, pierced by a central shaft and crossed by transparent moving walkway tubes.
– the functions of the central body are arranged vertically on 11 levels, including:
* 4 levels dedicated to the reception and handling of passengers (Departures, Arrivals, Transfers, Shops)
* 3 levels for car parking
* 1 level for offi ces and international lounges (terraced)
– the central body is linked to 7 satellites which house the boarding lounges

architectural drawings: