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coordinates: 37.1714668,-3.5984628
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Building names(s): Zaida Building
Architect/Designer: Alvaro Siza + Juan Domingo Santos
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David Neguillo

Completion date: 2006

function(s): bank, commercial, mixed use, multi-dwelling, residential

getting there: The building is located in La Virgen district, directly southwest of the Alhambra Palace C complex. In recent years Granada has seen a shift in the city’s central hub form the Centro district to the Plaza Puerta Real as a result of urban changes to La Virgen district. The building is flanked in the north and south by two of the city’s most important thoroughfares: Acera del Darro and Carrera del Genil. There is an underground and rather limited parking garage at the Plaza, but public transportation is strongly recommended. Bus and taxi stops are conveniently located along the Acera del Darro side. The building is mainly residential so access is largely restricted. Nonetheless, a branch of Caja Rural bank took over a large portion of the ground floor. The bank was furnished with pieces designed by Alvaro Siza and is quite visible from the street via numerous large windows. A local construction company headquarters occupies the Courtyard House and access is restricted here as well.