2-1-2 Koenji-Kita

coordinates: 35.7056503,139.6540222
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Building names(s): Za Koenji Public Theatre
Architect/Designer: Toyo Ito
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Completion date: May 2009

function(s): auditorium, theatre

Website: http://za-koenji.jp/ Opening hours: 9:00a.m.-10:00p.m. ZA-KOENJI will close for one week during the New Year holiday. Total floor space: 4,980m2 Ground floor: 1,108m2 Lot area: 1,650m2 Structural type: ferroconcrete partly with iron frame Number of floors: 6 floors; 3 below ground and 3 above ground Main facilities: three theatre spaces, a literary archive and café getting there: nearest train station is Koenji on the JR Chuo Line. It takes 5 minutes from the station (direction east) to the theatre on foot.