1310, Ura
Higashiura-cho, Hyougo-ken
Awaji Island

coordinates: 34.5464020,134.9890442
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Building names(s): Water Temple / Shingonshu Honpukuji
Architect/Designer: Tadao Ando


Completion date: 1991

function(s): religious, temple

getting there:
By train (from Osaka) take JR line to Maiko Station (45 min.). At Maiko Station follow signs leading to Ko-soku Maiko bus terminal which is located outside of and above the train station on the bridge leading to Awaji Island. Take the bus to Higashiura inter-change bus terminal. From here take the local bus to Tateishikawa bus stop (3-5 min.) or walk to Water Temple (20 min.).

There is a shuttle bus that transports people around the island to various destinations. Awaji Yumebutai and The Water Temple are two stops on this route. See www.shozen.com for more information on this bus or telephone +81 799 62 5222.

The temple is open from 9am-5pm daily. For more information call
+81 799 74 3624.