Avda. de Vizcaya, 3
La Rioja

coordinates: 42.5849380,-2.8475416
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Building names(s): Vina Todonnia
Architect/Designer: Zaha Hadid
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Wojtek Gurak

Completion date:

function(s): winery

website: www.lopezdeheredia.com

houses the old 1910 Brussels Expo stand and a shop, entertainment and exhibition area

getting there:

By plane:
Bilbao, Vitoria and Logroño airports are close by higway AP-68, within an hour from Haro.
By car :
From Burgos: Take the motoway AP-1 (80 km.) From Logroño: Take either the motorway AP-68 (45 km.) or the national road N-232. From Bilbao: take the motorway AP-68 (100 km.)
X: 512641.38 / Y: 471494.63 / HUSO: 30
Latitude: 42º 35′ 9.96” North (N) / Longitude: 2º 50′ 45.39” West (W)

opening hours: Monday – Saturday, closed Sundays and Holidays. Visits need to be arranged in advance, by phone or email.

* Contact: Tel: 941.31.02.44. Fax: 941.31.07.88. E-mail: [email protected]
* Schedule: Visits should be arranged in advance and we will confirm the date and time.

admission cost: 10 euros. This price could be discounted from wine purchased in our boutique the same day of the visit.