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coordinates: 43.2968254,5.3612423
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Building names(s): Villa Mediterranee
Architect/Designer: Stefano Boeri
architect website: www.stefanoboeriarchitetti.net
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Completion date: 2013

completion date: 2013

function(s): cultural center

check out: The 40m long cantilevered exhibition hall jutting out towards the sea. website: www.villa-mediterranee.org admission cost: free to permanent exhibit getting there: METRO M2 : Bougainville / Sainte Marguerite Dromel Off: Joliette Departures every 5-6mins - From 5am to 22:45 Sunday to Thursday (last departure at 0:40 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and evenings match at the Velodrome stadium). BUS : Fort St. John / Tourette Cathedral Bus Line 49: out via The Reformed Belle May, St Jean-du-Desert Basket - Centre Bourse terminal every 15 minutes - From 6h to 22h every day of the week Line 60 extension ( date of current service in January). Departure of Our Lady of La Garde, Vieux Port - Fort St John Terminus every 15 minutes - from 7 am to 19:30 every day of the week Bus Line 82: Check Pharo, Old Port, Joliette then one of two, or Terminus Terminus St Charles Arenc / T2 every 15 minutes - From 6h to 22h every day of the week Bus Line 582: Out of Centre Bourse - Every 45 minutes - From 0:45 to 20h (time to be confirmed) TRAM Q2 : Foch-Blancarde / Euroméditerranée Gantès Stops: Republic - Women, Joliette All about 5 minutes - From 5:30 to 0:30 every day of the week