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coordinates: 35.6764717,139.7639313
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Building names(s): Tokyo International Forum
Architect/Designer: Rafael Vinoly
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Completion date: 1997

function(s): auditorium, convention center

Client: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Structural : Structural Design Group Co.,Ltd
Site Area: 21,000 square meters
Building Area : 7,360 square meters
Total Floor Area : 40,400 square meters
Length : 208 meters
Width : 31.7 meters
Height : 57.5 meters
Total Steel Weight : 6,600 Ton

website: www.t-i-forum.co.jp

getting there:
1-minute walk from Yurakucho Station
5-minute walk from Tokyo Station
(connected by B1 concourse with Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station)
Yurakucho Line
(connected to Yurakucho Sta. through underground concourse [Exit D5] )
Hibiya Line
5min. walk from Hibiya Sta.
5min. walk from Ginza Sta.
Chiyoda Line
5min. walk from Nijubashimae Sta.
7min. walk from Hibiya Sta.
Marunouchi Line
5min. walk from Ginza Sta.
Ginza Line
7min. walk from Ginza Sta.
7min. walk from Kyobashi Sta.
Mita Line
5min. walk from Hibiya Sta.