Nedre Malmø



coordinates: 58.0255280,7.4563265
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Building names(s): The Arch / Buen
Architect/Designer: 3XN
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function(s): auditorium, civic, concert hall, gallery, library, movies, museum, theatre, town hall

area: 4,500 m2 construction cost: 33,000,000 euros approx. Design philosophy: Jan Ammundsen, Partner and Head of Design at 3XN, explains the design of "The Arch", Mandal's new cultural center, as “....a house of the people, so we designed a building that in an elegant and soft motion gathers the town’s cultural life, while the modern expression bears witness to a town in development”. The modern expression is created with a deep respect for the history of the town and the surrounding landscape. The arched shape refers partly to the soft hills, located around Mandal, and partly to the industrial center, which previously was located on the site. It is planned that the building will have a green roof, which will contribute to giving the building an organic expression, and will increase integration with the surrounding nature, when looking at the Arch from one of Mandal’s popular vantage points. The white color corresponds with the old white wooden houses, which Mandal is known for and which gives the town its character.