607 karato
Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun
Kagawa 7614662

coordinates: 34.4896851,134.0912628
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Building names(s): Teshima Art Museum
Architect/Designer: SANAA + Ryue Nishizawa
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Ryue Nishizawa

Completion date: 2010

function(s): gallery, museum

opening hours: 10:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Last admittance: 4:00 p.m.) / March 1 - September 30 10:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Last admittance: 3:30 p.m.) / October 1 - last day of February note closed on: Tuesdays (March 1 - November 30) Mondays to Thursdays (December 1 - last day of February) Open on Mondays and Tuesdays for national holidays but closed the next day. December 26 - January 5, 2012. Open May 3. Temporarily closed for maintenance June 6-9, 2012. Open August 16 Admission cost: ¥1,500 (free for children 15 and under) getting there: Teshima is served by three ferry lines. One runs between Teshima's Ieura Port and Takamatsu with some ferries stopping at Honmura Port on Naoshima along the way. The second runs between Uno Port in Okayama and Shodoshima, making stops at both Ieura and Karato Ports on Teshima along the way. And the third connects Teshima to the other two art islands of Naoshima (Miyanoura Port) and Inujima. From Takamatsu Teshima Ferry operates high speed boats between Takamatsu and Ieura Port on Teshima. The one way trip takes 35 minutes and costs 1300 yen. There are five round trips per day, except on Mondays and Tuesdays when there are only three round trips. From Naoshima From Wednesday to Sunday there are four round trips per day between Teshima's Ieura Port and Naoshima, with two of them serving Miyanoura Port and two serving Honmura Port. Some of the Miyanoura boats also serve Inujima, while all Honmaru boats also serve Takamatsu. From Okayama Take the JR Uno Line from Okayama to Uno Station. There are direct trains in the early mornings, late afternoons and evenings (45 minutes, 570 yen). Outside of those times, take a transfer is required at Chayamachi Station (1 hour, 570 yen). Shodoshima Ferry operates car ferries between Uno Port and Tonosho Port on Shodoshima every two hours, most of which make stops at Ieura and Karato Ports on Teshima along the way. The trip from Uno to Ieura Port takes 40 minutes and costs 750 yen per person or about 5000 yen for a regular sized car. The trip from Uno to Karato Port takes about an additional 15 minutes and costs 1000 yen per person or around 6500 yen for a regular sized car. From Shodoshima The ferry ride from Shodoshima to Karato Port on Teshima takes 30 minutes and costs 470 yen per person or about 4500 yen for a regular sized car. To Ieura Port it takes an additional 20 minutes and costs 750 yen per person or about 5000 yen for a regular sized car. Getting around Teshima A shuttle bus connects Teshima's two port towns approximately once per hour for 200 yen per ride. Alternatively, rental bicycles are available at Ieura Port and make for a pleasant way to explore the island. Good walker might even consider to walk in between the island's villages, which are less than an hour apart from each other. for more details including timetables: www.benesse-artsite.jp
architectural drawings: Plan Detail