2-1723 Yarimizu

Hachioji 192-0394

coordinates: 35.6115685,139.3509521
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Building names(s): Tama University Library Tokyo / Hachioji Library
Architect/Designer: Toyo Ito
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Completion date: 2007

completion date: 2007

function(s): academic, library

check out: Physical and visual links to the building are achieved through the open gallery on the ground level which not only allows cross campus traffic but one to freely enter and the huge glazed arches on the floor above allowing views into the building. The structure of "randomly placed arches" create the sensation as if the sloping floor and the front garden’s scenery were continuing within the building. These characteristic arches are made out of steel plates covered with concrete. They are arranged along curved lines which cross at several points. With these intersections, the arches are kept extremely slender at the bottom and still support the heavy live loads of the floor above. The spans of the arches vary from 1.8 to 16 metres, but the width is kept uniformly at 200mm. Scale: 2 stories, 1 basements Site Area: 159,184.87m2 Building Area: 2,224.59m2 Total Floor Area: 5,639.46m2 University website: http://www.tamabi.ac.jp/english/about/ getting there: (approx 26km west of central Tokyo)
Access from Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport):
Take a Keisei Honsen express train bound for Ueno to Keisei Yawata station (51min.). Transfer at Moto-Yawata to the Toei Shinjuku line bound for Shinjuku and get off at Shinjuku (30 min. by rapid service). Tranfer to the Keio line bound for Hashimoto and get off at Hashimoto (36 min. by rapid service). Take the Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu bus for Tama Bijutsu Daigaku (Tama Art University) from the north exit of Hashimoto station.
admission: Free To enter the library, please bring your identification (ex. passport). You can use the library as "1-day user". Available service for "1-day user": - Open stack & reading room - New arrival magazines - Self-service photocopier * Checkout service, materials in the closed stacks, audio-visual materials, online databases and reference service are NOT available. NOTE: -A group over 4 persons must make an appointment before the visit -Taking photographies is prohibited inside the library. Opening Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 9:00-20:30