Jeroen Musch

Markt 40
3201 CZ

coordinates: 51.8497353,4.3249493
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Building names(s): Spijkenisse Book Mountain / Bibliotheek Boekenberg Spijkenisse
Architect/Designer: MVRDV
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Completion date: 2012

completion date: 2012

function(s): library

check out : Explore the bookshelves along the the 480 meter trail that winds it's way and wraps around the pyramidal book stack, which can be seen as a beacon through the library’s glass structure. The trail culminates at the peak's reading room and cafe with panoramic views through the transparent roof. Any possible damage caused to the books by direct sunlight is offset by the expected 4 year lifespan of borrowed materials. surface area: 9.300m2 library website: opening hours: Monday 11:00 17:00 Tuesday 11:00 20:30 Wednesday 11:00 20:30 Thursday 11:00 20:30 Friday 11:00 17:00 Saturday 11:00 16:00 Sunday 12:00 16:00 (Sep / April) closed on public holidays getting there: Route public transport From Rotterdam Central railway station, take the metro direction Spijkenisse. Get off at the stop Spijkenisse Centrum. Take the stairs down and walk to the bus stops. Take bus 105 direction Rozenburg. Get off at bus stop First Heul Brugstraat. A few meters away you will see a large glass pyramid. This is the Boekenberg, your final destination. It is also possible from Spijkenisse Centrum metro station to walk to the Boekenberg. You walk from the metro to the bus stops. From this point you will see a park. Walk towards the park and stores it in Schepenpad. Walk straight ahead until you come across a motorway. This is the Raadhuislaan. You cross over and goes to the town hall to the left passage. You will cross again and go directly to the right Marrewijk Laan. Follow the road until you see a large glass pyramid. This is the Boekenberg, your final destination. The distance from the metro station to the Boekenberg is running. In about 15 minutes.