208 Tô Hiệu
tp. Sơn La Sơn La
Son La


coordinates: 21.3335018,103.9086914
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Building names(s): Son La Restaurant
Architect/Designer: Vo Trong Nghia Architects
architect website: http://votrongnghia.com
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Completion date:

completion date: 2014

function(s): restaurant

credentials/awards: Awards, Green, World Architecture Festival

Award: Hotel and Leisure category at the World Architecture Festival 2014 construction cost: approximately 600USD/m2 check out: The roof structure for the dining hall is made by local bamboo called “Luong” that grows to 8m in height. 96 bamboo column units composed of 4 bamboos together induce the vertical expression of the bamboo structure like bamboo forest. 80-100mm diameter bamboos are assembled by bamboo dowel nails and rope after they are treated by a traditional method in Vietnam, that involves soaking in mud and then smoked. Shear loads induced on the structure are braced by 10 layered crossed bamboo beams that are connected to the stone buildings. The ceiling is made by local thatch named “vot” and transparent composite roof sheeting covers the roof above it. Skylights open between columns to fill the space with soft light.