Steven Holl

corner of first Ring Road and Ren Ming Nam Road


coordinates: 30.6340160,104.0658035
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Building names(s): Sliced Porosity Block
Architect/Designer: Steven Holl
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Steven Holl

Steven Holl

Completion date: 2012

completion date: 2012

function(s): commercial, hotel, mixed use, multi-dwelling, public space, residential, retail, tower

check out: This three million square foot project takes its shape from its distribution of natural light. The required minimum sunlight exposures to the surrounding urban fabric prescribe precise geometric angles that slice the exoskeletal concrete frame of the structure. In addition:
  • The three ponds in the central public space function as skylights to the six-story shopping precinct below.
  • Each building is heated and cooled geothermally, plus the large ponds are cooling devices that harvest and recycle rainwater.
  • getting there: Line 1 - exit at 省体育馆 station