Sifang Art Musem

178 Pearl Street
Pearl Spring
Jiangsu 210031

coordinates: 32.1145859,118.6402435
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Building names(s): Sifang Art Museum / 四方美术馆 literally the "four-sided museum"
Architect/Designer: Steven Holl
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Sifang Art Musem

Sifang Art Musem

Completion date: 2013

completion date: 2013

function(s): contemporary art, gallery, museum

check out: According to the NY Times, the Sifang Art Museum is the gateway to "the Contemporary International Practical Exhibition of Architecture" as a means to project Nanjing into the international art scene. website: opening hours: scheduled to open in October 2013 program: museum complex with galleries, tea room, bookstore, and a curator's residence area: 30,000 sf