2-1, Kasuga-machi

coordinates: 38.2654991,140.8654785
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Building names(s): Sendai Mediatheque
Architect/Designer: Toyo Ito
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Atsi Otani

Completion date: 2001

function(s): library

website: www.smt.city.sendai.jp

Getting there:

by subway: get off at kotodai station after 3-minute ride from sendai station on the subway bound for izumi-chuo. 5-minute walk from the exit ‘koen 2.’

by bus: approximately 10-minute ride from JR sendai station on a bus bound for ‘kotsukyoku daigaku byoin via jozenji-dori.’ get off at sendai mediatheque stop.

on foot: approximately 20-minute walk from sendai station

by taxi: approximately 7-minute ride from the west exit taxi stand outside sendai station

by car: approximately 10-minute ride from sendai miyagi IC on the tohoku expressway

office hours: 9:00 – 21:00

sendai shimin library: 10:00 – 20:00.
on saturdays, sundays and national holidays, the closing time is 18:00.

days when smt is closed:

sendai mediatheque is closed between december 29 and january 3, and once a month for maintenance.
the days when the sendai shimin library is closed are mondays (except for national holidays), the day following a holiday, day for readjustment of books, year-end and new year holidays (dec. 28 to jan. 4), and a special period for rearrangement of books.