1000 Fourth Ave.
WA 98104


coordinates: 47.6060600,-122.3329544
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Building names(s): Seattle Public Library / Seattle Central Library
Architect/Designer: OMA
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Jan Tik

Completion date: May 2004

function(s): library

project architects: Rem Koolhaas, Joshua Ramus Library website: http://www.spl.org Hours: Mon - Thurs: 10 am - 8 pm Fri/Sat: 10 am - 6 pm Sun: Noon - 6 pm Total concrete - 18,400 cubic yards; rebar: 2,050 tons. The concrete in the library would cover 10 football fields 1-foot deep. Total steel - 4,644 tons. If you compared the weight of the Statue of Liberty to the weight of the steel in the Central Library, there would be enough steel to make 20 statues. The diagonal grid system is designed to withstand lateral forces caused by wind or earthquakes. Total pieces of exterior glass - 9,994; square footage of exterior curtain wall: 126,767; square footage of interior glazing: 28,963. The glass in the library would cover 5 ½ football fields. About half of the building's panes are triple-layered glass with an expanded metal mesh sandwiched between the two outer layers. The mesh, aluminum sheet metal that is cut and stretched, reduces heat and glare. Most of the glass is cleaned twice a year, and more often for surfaces that need it.
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