Saville Gardens
Rhododendron Ride
Windsor TW20 0UU
United Kingdom

coordinates: 51.4265747,-0.5973172
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Building names(s): Saville Building
Architect/Designer: Glenn Howells
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Completion date: 2006

function(s): visitor information centre

credentials/awards: 2007 RIBA National Award, Awards, RIBA National Award

opening hours: 10am to 6pm daily (summer) 10am to 4.30pm daily (winter) admission cost: £8.50 (summer) £6.25 (winter) website: www.theroyallandscape.co.uk oof: The Gridshell roof is 98 metres long, spans 24 metres at its widest point, and rises 10 metres to the top of the central dome. It is the largest timber gridshell in the UK. The structural timber was European larch, extracted from managed plantations in the Windsor forest, which is FSC certified and SSSI. 10,000 finger joints and 1,000 scarf joints comprise the structural jointing. The structural skin of birch plywood fixed over the grid, which creates the shell covers 1600 square metres, or one quarter of a football pitch. Oak from The Crown Estate’s Windsor forest was used for the flooring inside the building and the rain screen, which creates the final layer over the roof.