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Coles Bay Road



coordinates: -42.1101303,148.2658234
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Building names(s): Saffire Lodge
Architect/Designer: Circa
architect website: www.circamorrisnunn.com.au
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Completion date:

completion date: 2010

function(s): hotel, lodge

credentials/awards: Green

getting there: Saffire is about 2.5 hours' drive from Hobart (195km), although we do recommend allowing three hours for a comfortable drive. Travelling from Hobart take the Tasman Highway (A3) to Sorell and continue up the East Coast through Orford and Swansea. Still travelling north along the Tasman Highway (A3) you come across the Coles Bay turnoff (C302) to your right. The turnoff is very well signposted, but it can come upon you quickly. From the turnoff, Saffire is approximately 25km along Coles Bay Road on your right. If you are heading to Saffire from Launceston (approximately 2.5 hours), take the Midland Highway (A1) to Campbell Town and turn left onto the B34 heading towards Lake Leake. Continue along the B34 until you reach the Tasman Highway (A3). From there turn left, heading north up the coast until you reach the Coles Bay turnoff (C302 - approximately 10km). Saffire is on your right about 25km along Coles Bay Road. hotel website: www.saffire-freycinet.com.au Area: 3640.0 sqm