Nambung National Park
Pinnacles Drive
Western Australia

coordinates: -30.6055012,115.1550980
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Building names(s): Pinnacles Desert Discovery
Architect/Designer: Woodhead
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function(s): Viewing area, visitor information centre

website: www.dec.wa.gov.au
costs: Entry fee $10
getting there:
Located on the Swan Coastal Plain, 245 kilometres north of Perth, 260 kilometres south of Geraldton.
Travelling time: The park is about three hours from the centre of Perth.
Access: The turn off to the park is off Cervantes Road, which runs off the Brand Highway.
Best season: The best season is during September and October, when the wildflowers are blooming and vistas of wattles stretch from horizon to horizon, but in fine weather Nambung is interesting year-round.
What to see and do: Huge limestone pillars exposed in a stark landscape of yellow sand, white sandy beaches, marine life, Pinnacles exploration, wildflower watching, picnicking, swimming, fishing, snorkelling.
Facilities: Barbecues, information panels, tables and toilets. There are no camping areas in the national park but a full range of accommodation and other services are available in Cervantes. Pinnacles Desert Discovery centre is open every day of the year from 9.30am – 4.30pm, except Christmas Day.