Peckham Hill Street 122

SE15 5JR
United Kingdom

coordinates: 51.4742813,-0.0693566
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Building names(s): Peckham Library
Architect/Designer: Alsop
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function(s): civic, library

As a key landmark transforming the identity of the centre of Peckham, the Peckham library is stands as a visable icon from a distance and as a bold reinvention of what is expected of a public library building (what Alsop Architects term 'architectural generosity'). The library is one element of the new public community facilities on the new Peckham Square. The five-storey building comprises a branch library space on the upper two floors, a 'One Stop Shop' Southwark Council advice unit on the ground floor, separately accessible from the Square, and the council's Education and Training Advice Centre for Adults on the first floor. All three elements operate different opening hours and staff.