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Quadrato della Concordia



coordinates: 41.8360367,12.4660158
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Building names(s): Palazzo della Civilta Italiana / Civiltà of Lavoro Palace
Architect/Designer: Giovanni Guerrini + Ernesto Bruno La Padula and Mario Romano
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© Leigh Tay

© Leigh Tay

Completion date: 1943

completion date: 1943

function(s): civic, expo

checkout: The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana was constructed as part of the program of the Esposizione Universale Roma, a large business center and suburban complex, initiated in 1935 by Benito Mussolini for the planned 1942 world exhibition and as a symbol of fascism for the world. The palace is entirely clad in travertine marble, as is characteristic of buildings in the EUR. It is a parallelepiped on a square base, with six levels rising above a podium. The scale is imposing: the base covers an area of 8,400 square meters, and the building has volume 205,000 cubic meters with a height 68 meters (50 meters from the base).