Mikio Kamaya

Inaridai-1−1 Kamidaino


coordinates: 40.2926025,140.5867767
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Building names(s): Odate Dome / 大館樹海ドーム
Architect/Designer: Toyo Ito
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Mikio Kamaya

Completion date: 1997

completion date: 1997

function(s): dome

check out: The 25,000 glue-lam(inated) beams of the dome is made from the locally grown Aita Japanese cedar wood. address in Japanese: 〒017-0031 秋田県大館市上代野字八幡岱29番地4 Structure: wood frame, steel frame Scale: 2 stories Site Area: 110,250.67m2 Building Area: 21,910.65m2 + 1,792.88m2 (annex) Total Floor Area: 23,218.40m2 + 1,378.54 (annex) height: 52 meters dome size: 178 meters by 157 meters website: www.jukaidome.com (Japanese)