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1 McNally Street



coordinates: 1.3030626,103.8518524
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Building names(s): Lasalle
Architect/Designer: RSP Architects
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Completion date:

completion date: 2007

function(s): academic, university

credentials/awards: 2008 SIA, 2017 April BOM, BOM, SIA Building of the Year

website: www.lasalle.edu.sg Design: Designed by Singapore-based RSP Architects, the campus is an exercise in ingeniously reworking space. From the outside, a forbidding black monolithic exterior cladding of stone and aluminum punctuated with irregularly shaped windows confronts the viewer. This fragments visually inside to reveal six seven-storey-high buildings, linked by an atrium and sky bridges. The buildings are stunningly graphic, with faceted glass walls and individual panels framed in black, each tilting at different angles. The design was inspired by geology. Indeed, the cluster of sculpted blocks arranged around a central space conjures the idea of a deep canyon, with the multiple linking corridors and sky bridges evoking a landscape made in nature. Light and air circulate freely among the buildings, creating a dynamic atmosphere of movement and energy.