Charles Rose Architects

12 Olive Street

Massachusetts MA 01301

coordinates: 42.5856819,-72.6006927
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Building names(s): John W Olver Transit Center
Architect/Designer: Charles Rose
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Charles Rose Architects

Completion date: 2012

function(s): civic, government, station, transport

credentials/awards: Green, Green Building, Zero net energy

area: 24 000 ft² / 2 230 m² construction budget: $12.8 million in April 2009, came in at $10.4 million The building is a zero net energy building and will produce the energy it uses through solar and geothermal sources, and a boiler on site fueled by wood pellets, a lumber-industry byproduct. Key features:
  • 22 geothermal wells
  • 7,300 ft² photovoltaic array