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coordinates: 23.1177559,113.3175812
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Building names(s): Guangzhou Opera House
Architect/Designer: Zaha Hadid
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Completion date: 2011

function(s): auditorium, opera

website: gzdjy.org area: 70,000 m² Estimated cost: 1.38 billion RMB (US$200 million) PROGRAM: 1,800 seats Grand theatre, entrance lobby & lounge Multifunction hall, other auxiliary facilities & support premises. CONCEPT: Overlooking the Pearl River the Guangzhou Opera House is at the heart of Guangzhou’s cultural sites development. Adopting state of the art technology in its design and construction it will be a lasting monument to the New Millennium, confirming Guangzhou as one of Asia’s cultural centres. Its unique twin boulder design will enhance urban function by opening access to the riverside and dock areas and creating a new dialogue with the emerging new town.