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1 Esplanade Drive


coordinates: 1.2903550,103.8553848
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Building names(s): Esplanade Singapore / Theatres on the Bay
Architect/Designer: DP Architects (DPA) | Michael Wilford & Partners (MWP)
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Completion date:

completion date: 2002

function(s): auditorium, concert hall, performing arts center, theatre

getting there: City Hall [EW13 / NS25] or Esplanade [CC3] MRT - there is an underground walkway connecting Esplanade Theatres on the Bay with these stations. opening hours: Mon to Fri 10am - 8pm Sat 11am - 8pm construction cost: $600m website: www.esplanade.com Tip: walk outside and check out the Jubilee Bridge which takes you to the famous Merlion.