110 8th Street
New York


coordinates: 42.7289200,-73.6837158
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Building names(s): EMPAC / Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Architect/Designer: Grimshaw
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Completion date: 2008

function(s): auditorium, concert hall, theatre

5 million cubic feet: EMPAC’s volume (imagine a cube that is as high, wide and deep as a football field is wide.) 640,000: feet of fiber optic and copper cable for digital transmission throughout the building 221,200: Square footage of the entire building 100,000: cubic yards of earth excavated for EMPAC’s foundation 23,000: visitors to EMPAC during our Opening Festival 2,600: tons of steel used in construction 2,500: audience members for EMPAC 360 Event 2,164: custom designed acoustic panels (1,280 diffusive, 884 absorptive); 1,279: sine wave light dimmers 1,200: number of seats in the concert hall 400: number of seats in the theater 215: ¾” thick rock anchors, some 210 feet long, sunk into hillside 162 x 196: channels of HD video matrix ¼ acre: of video projection screens website: empac.rpi.edu