Pariser Platz 3


coordinates: 52.5154457,13.3790245
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Building names(s): DZ Bank Berlin
Architect/Designer: Frank Gehry
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Completion date: 1999

function(s): bank, commercial

Completed in June 1999, DZ Bank is a 20,000-square-meter (215,000-square-foot) multi-use center that includes a five-story office building with a conference center and a 10-story luxury condominium building. The development is located on a one-half hectare (1.2-acre) site near Brandenburg Gate and adjacent to the future U.S. Embassy. DZ Bank features a large skylit atrium in the office building. A three-dimensional curved fire wall and a smaller atrium separate the office building/conference area from the condominium. The exterior of the building is clad in a yellow Italian limestone (Pietra di Vincenza) and features deeply recessed windows.