Glasgow city G51
Finnieston Street

United Kingdom

coordinates: 55.8570709,-4.2829943
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Building names(s): Clyde Arc
Architect/Designer: Halcrow Group
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Completion date: 2006

completion date: 2006

function(s): bridge

check out: The "innovations" used to build this bridge (according to Halcrow)
  • Single tie arch rib straddling the bridge deck
  • Diamond shaped steel box arch rib which provides an efficient design while enhancing slenderness and providing for the projection of architectural uplighting
  • The use of full depth precast concrete deck slab units to simplify construction and minimise environmental impact
Length: 169 m main span: 96 m end spans: 36.5 m construction cost: £20 million note: In 2008 due to the failure of one support hanger, and stress fractures found in a second support cable stay, the bridge was closed and replacement of these connectors was required.