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coordinates: 47.7044907,6.6205716
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Building names(s): Chapel of NotreDame du Haut gatehouse and convent
Architect/Designer: Renzo Piano
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Completion date: 2011

function(s): convent, gatehouse

for more information including how to get here and admission cost see Chapel of Notre Dame Du Haut Ronchamp

construction cost: £9m including landscaping and site rehabilitation

monastery area: 1700 m²

gatehouse area: 450 m²

roofed area: 1386 m² (convent : 263 m² ; poor clares’ living area : 296 m² ; workshops : 120 m² ; oratory : 260 m² ; guest quarters: 443 m²)

Program/Scope of work::
design of a convent with its related functions; demolition of the existing gatehouse and construction of a new one; demolition of the existing parking lot to be replaced by a smaller, planted one; landscaping and overall rehabilitation of the site.

the convent:
living spaces: 12 cells and spaces for common living (1 common room; 1 refectory with annexed kitchen; 2 cells for the disabled; 1 infirmary)
guest quarter: a nondenominational space for hosting visitors made up of 8 cells + 1 cell for disabled; 1 dining room; 1 small meeting room
communal areas: 2 workshops (sewing rooms), 2 offices (12 m²), 3 parlors (10 m²), oratory for 35 people

the gatehouse:
areas open to public include: small meeting room, ticket office, refreshment corner, shop corner, bioclimatic winter garden, public restrooms administration: first aid room, office for researchers, archive (le corbusier’s work)

including: demolition of the existing parking lot replaced with a smaller planted parking lot, enhancement of the ancient path leading from ronchamp up to the chapel, requalification of the entire site (clearance, planting etc)

architectural drawings:


gatehouse plan

convent plan – typical bedroom

convent section