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Calle 53 N° 320.
La Plata
Buenos Aires

coordinates: -34.9115562,-57.9419823
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Building names(s): Casa Curutchet
Architect/Designer: Le Corbusier
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Completion date: 1945

completion date: 1945

function(s): residential

Opening hours: This house is open to the public Tuesday - Friday 10.30am to 2 p.m. website: www.capba.org.ar/curutchet/casa-curutchet-presentacion.htm During January the house is closed Admission cost: Foreign visitors $ 40.00 reservations essential email Reservation: [email protected] getting there: To get there from Buenos Aires, take the Costera Criolla Bus to La Plata from inside the Retiro Bus Terminal (one hour). It's a twenty-minute walk from there. From the bus station, walk three blocks along Calle 42 (direction NE) to Avenida 1, walk ten blocks (direction SE) to Calle 54. From the train station walk along Avenida 1 (direction SE) for ten blocks to Calle 54.