Tezuka Architects: Takaharu (1964-) & Yui (1969-) Tezuka are a Tokyo based Architecture firm. Takaharu worked for Richard Rogers between 1990 - 94 prior to setting up Tezuka Architects in 1994 with partner Yui.
awards: 1997 Ministry of International Trade and Industry,Good Design Gold Prize(Soejima Hospital) 1998 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations(Soejima Hospital) 2002 Japan Institute of Architects Prize(Roof House) 2002 Yoshioka Prize, Yoshioka Foundation (Roof House) 2003 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations(Roof House) 2003 Good Design Prize, Japan Industrial Design Organization, (Styrene foam sofa) 2004 Good Design Prize, Japan Industrial Design Organization (Hounancho "L" Condominium) 2004 Ecobuild Award, Ecobuild Japan (Echigo-matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science) 2004 AR Award 2004, the Architectural Review (Echigo-matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science) 2005 Architectural Institution of Japan,Annual Architectural Commendations(Matsunoyama Natural Science Museum) 2007 Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry,Interaction Design Prize(Fuji Kindergarten) 2007 Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry,Kids Design Gold Prize(Fuji Kindergarten) 2007 Association for Children's Enviroment,ACE Award Design Category(Fuji Kindergarten) 2007 Design for Asia Grand Award(Fuji Kindergarten) 2007 AR Award 2007 Highly Commended, the Architectural Review (Fuji Kindergarten) 2008 Architectural Institution of Japan Prize(Fuji Kindergarten) 2009 The Japan Institute of Architects Prize, the Japan Institute of Architects (Fuji Kindergarten) 2009 The Architecture Award, Asia Pacific Property Awards 2009 (Fuji Kindergarten)

checkonsite interview with Tezuka Architects The Tokyo based firm Tezuka Architects, shot to international recognition with their innovative design of the Fuji Kindergarden in Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan. It's a balmy Tokyo summer morning in the bustling Tezuka Architects office. On a backdrop of bright white; walls, floors, desks, checkonsite meets the husband and wife team, Takahura & Yui dressed in their iconic blue and red.

Takaharu Tezuka [TT] Yui Tezuka [YT]

Architecture - General : Why did you become an architect?

YT: Because my father was an architect, he used to work for Daichikobo (the principal was Shin Takahashi – father is the oldest active architect in Japan). My father designed the house in which I was born, and I loved that house very much. It was a when I was in elementary school, from as early as the age of 6, I remember wanting to be an architect.

TT: I come for a similar background. My father is also an architect; he used to work for a construction company - Kajima co-operation as a chief architect. He also designed his own house, and so I grew up in this building. Father influenced by Shin Yoshimura. So, I grew up in a world surrounded by architectural drawings, magazines, and models etc, my father even started a famous Japanese SD architectural magazine. However, it wasn’t till I reached university did I realize I want to become an architect. Compared to my peers I had an advantage of such a huge knowledge base, and everything was so easy for me because of this. I didn’t have a strong intention to become an architect, it was just destiny to for me to become one. I followed a path and became an architect.

Do you have any advice for future architects?

TT: To know that architecture is different from artwork. Architecture can’t “live” without humans which inhabit it, it is not the thing but the effect, so it is important to understand the power given for..

How would you describe your design philosophy?

Lifestyle. Our office tries to create a lifestyle not just to make objects – designing for longer periods and for people, architecture requires people to have meaning, and we want the architecture to work or do something, create a new meaning or lifestyle for the future.

What are the things that influence you or provides you with design inspiration? Daily life – children, clients.

Architecture - Travel : What are your favourite buildings you have visited in your travels? Pompidou centre by Renzo Piano & Richard Rogers Richard Rogers Mother’s house, Wimbledon Salk InstituteLouis Khan Furness library of the University of Pennsylvania - Furness, Evans and Co, and was erected in 1888 Senaque Abbey – South France

What is your favourite city? and, Why?

Golden City, Rajasthan, India Nara, Arita and Kamakura in Japan Bukhara and Samarkand in present day Uzbekistan.

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Echigo-Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science

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Location: Matsuguchi Tokamachi, Japan
Architect/Designers: Tezuka
Fuji Kindergarden

Fuji Kindergarden

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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Architect/Designer: Tezuka