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coordinates: 41.5625420,-8.4300165
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Building names(s): Braga Stadium / AXA Stadium
Architect/Designer: Eduardo Souto de Moura
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Manuel Anastacio

Completion date: 2004

function(s): sports, stadium

Construction cost: $83.1 million capacity: 30,154 height: 130ft website: www.scbraga.pt admission cost: guided tours: Tours at 10.30am and 15.30pm. Summer (June, July and August), it will have three daily visits to 10,30, 14,30 and 16,30 NOTE: There are no tours on days when there are games. pre-booking required: telephone 253 206 860, fax 253 612 929, or email [email protected] admission costs: COMPLETE VISIT (about 1hora and 30 minutes) Adults 5,00 € / SHORT VISIT (about 30 minutes) Adults 3,00 €