Foster & Partners
Foster & Partners

09370 Gumiel de Izán
Carretera N1, Km 170
Gumiel de Izan
Burgos Burgos

coordinates: 41.7681274,-3.6941099
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Building names(s): Bodegas Portia
Architect/Designer: Foster & Partners
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Foster & Partners

Foster & Partners

Completion date: 2010

function(s): winery


opening hours:
Monday-Saturday 11am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm
Sunday and public holidays 11am, 12:30pm

Gross Area: 12,500 sqm
Net Area: 11,300 sqm
Site Area: 400 acres

Building Height: 14.5 m (partially embedded into the sloping landscape)

Number of storeys: Two operational levels + grape reception roofdeck (external)

Structure: Concrete structure with pre-cast elements where the structure is exposed and in situ cast concrete where the structure is buried underground, i.e. retaining walls. The boundary link between above and below-grade servicing structures is given visual expression through a continuous linear skylight.

Materials: Materials of building echo the materials used in wine production – steel, oak and glass.

Cladding: Corten Steel shingle cladding to all principal vertical elevations.

Sustainability: The partly buried structure, as well as the concrete framing of the building, maximises its thermal mass to maintain a constant internal environment and the optimal thermal conditions required for the ageing of wine. The wing where the tanks are housed is naturally ventilated to allow CO2 to escape during the fermentation process.

Widescale integration of photovoltaics is anticipated into the design of the roof, spreading over the three wings to maximise the surface for capturing energy.

Production Capacity: One million bottles of red wine per year.
Storage Capacity: 6,000 barrels of 225 litres, and 750,000 bottles.