Gropiusallee 38

06846 Dessau-Roßlau

coordinates: 51.8393593,12.2273397
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Building names(s): Bauhaus Dessau
Architect/Designer: Walter Gropius
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Completion date: 1926

completion date: 1926

function(s): academic, university

getting there: train: Dessau central station, exit west, 10-minute walk to the Bauhaus admission cost: A range of ticketing options are available ranging from 3 € for the Konsum-Törten-Ticket. Combined Ticket (13 €) which includes the Bauhaus building, Meisterhaus and Konsum building & exhibitions website: www.bauhaus-dessau.de check out: Spend the night like a Bauhausler. Overnight accommodation is available in the Studio Building or "Prellerhaus" which were originally let to the junior masters and promising students.