62 Lansdowne Road


coordinates: 53.3350029,-6.2283921
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Building names(s): Aviva Stadium
Architect/Designer: Populous
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Chris Gascogine

Completion date: 2010

function(s): sports, stadium

capacity: 51,700 All-Seater (football, rugby union) | 60,000 (concerts) Field dimensions: 106 × 68 m (348 × 223 ft) Dimensions: 47.65 metres high above pitch | 189.9 metres north to south | 203 metres east to west excluding podium and grand stairs Site Size: 6.4 hectacres (63,802 sq.m.) Roof Size: 19,000 sq.m. Construction cost: EUR € 410 million stadium website: www.avivastadium.ie getting there: To reach the stadium by foot from St Stephen's Green, matchgoers walk up Merrion Row, Baggot St Lower, Baggot St upper and cross the Grand Canal at Baggot St Bridge. They then walk straight on down Pembroke Road and cross the road at the junction of Northumberland and Merrion Roads where the Ballsbridge lnn (Formerly Jury's Hotel) is prominently located. by rail:  DART (www.dart.ie), the Dublin urban light rail system. The line actually runs under the West stand of the stadium and stops at Lansdowne Road Station itself.  From Dublin city centre, visitors to Aviva Stadium can take the DART southbound from Pearse Station on Westland Row, Tara St Station or Connolly Station. Connolly Station provides a link with the city's tram system, the LUAS. by bus: 7 and 8, 45 and 84