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Faculty of Fine Arts
University of Dhaka
Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave


coordinates: 23.7357235,90.3946609
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Building names(s): Art Institute Dhaka / Faculty of Fine Arts
Architect/Designer: Muzharul Islam
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© Rossi101

Completion date: 1954

completion date: 1954

function(s): academic, university

This masterpiece was Muzharul Islam’s first architectural endeavor. The site is located in the roman area apart of Dhaka University Campus. The Roman area is well known for it’s gardens and parks. Most of the buildings in this area have been designed in the scheme of a “bagan bari” (house in a garden). The site that was given for the purpose of the institute was dotted with beautiful trees with a large circular depression at the end of the site. Muzharul Islam decided to come up with a design scheme that will retain all the trees on the site (as some of them were large beautiful trees that would have require many years to grow). His scheme was also climate responsive and had large continuous verandahs shading the inner walls and windows of the classrooms and studios. The design echoes the out house and inner house scheme of rural Bangladesh. It also transforms ‘Jalees’ (lattices) and ‘beras’ (perforated screens) into wonderful screens that separates and creates thresholds. One enters into the front pavilion, a wonderful structure that houses galleries on the ground floor and teachers and common rooms etc. on the first. A wonderful sculptural stairs connects the two levels around a wonderful internal courtyard. Past the pavilion are the classrooms and studios and in the far end encircling the round depression are the print studios. A lotus pond and sitting area becomes the open heart of the whole institute. The ground on the south both is a relief and a place to gather. This ground and the whole structure itself transforms to host many activities namely the Bengali New Year ‘Pohela Boishakh’ and numerous art classes and competitions for children. Bricks of the project were also custom designed by Muzharul Islam as so are the terracotta screens. Marvelous shading devices and pergola type details brick our driving rain. (wikipedia)