Bedford Square


United Kingdom

coordinates: 51.5189438,-0.1291323
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Building names(s): AA 4th Annual Summer Pavilion
Architect/Designer: AA Unit 2
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Phil Rogers

Completion date: 2009

function(s): pavilion

from the 4th July - 25 July 2009

Driftwood', the Architectural Association's summer pavilion designed by Unit 2 Students is unveiled today in Bedford Square, London.

Driftwood was designed by concept designer Danecia Sibingo a 3rd year student, and a team that includes Lyn Hayek, Yoojin Kim, and Taeyoung Lee. The sustainable spruce ‘Kerto’ plywood structure is "neither art nor architecture, science nor ecological adventure, but a sculptural installation and prototype that defies classification. It embraces invention, experimentation, new materials and aesthetic intelligence," according to a spokesperson for the AA. The pavilion was selected by a panel of seven eminent judges from the worlds of architecture, engineering, design, media and ecology. "It provides a thoughtful, provoking reminder of the UK’s inextricable link to the sea - its undulating form created by the motion of the water, carried by waves and coming to rest in busy central London," added the spokesperson.